FAQ: Buy Now, Shop Later

How does this program benefit downtown businesses? 

Many of our downtown stores, restaurants, shops and services are closing temporarily. Many local businesses are adapting to support customers online. One thing people can do to support them is to buy gift certificates now and spend them later when they reopen. This allows the businesses to have some cash flow to help cover current expenses.

When can I redeem my gift certificate? 

Please check in with the individual business to determine how you can redeem your gift certificate.

Can I redeem the gift certificate online? 

Gift certificates must be used in person. This gift certificate program was created to support businesses who do not have online shopping or online gift certificate purchases setup.

Do I have to use the entire amount on the gift certificate in one purchase? 

Businesses should provide change for any gift certificate balance remaining. Please make sure to check the details on the gift card description or ask the staff before using your gift card.

How does the money I spend on gift certificates get to the business? 

For each gift certificate purchase, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ will pay out the exact amount to that individual business.

How do I receive the gift certificate? Will it be mailed to me? 

Gift certificates will be emailed to you right after purchase. You will receive a unique code in your email which the business can then use to track the gift certificate action upon the eventual in-person purchase. You have the option to print the email with the gift certificate code if you choose.

Does the gift certificate expire? 

The gift certificates do not expire. Please keep your gift certificate email confirmation safe. Treat your gift certificate like cash.

I need more information. Who can I contact?

To reach us, please send an email to shop@downtownwinnipegbiz.com